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About the Trainer

I’m Eileen Haley. I’ve been training dogs to be happy, well-adjusted family members for over 20 years, and have worked with literally hundreds of dogs and virtually every major breed. As a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, I adhere to a Professional Code of Ethics and treat all students (human and canine) with kindness, patience and respect.

In addition to being a professional dog trainer and behavior counselor, I am a shelter volunteer. It is my volunteer work that ignited my passion to help dogs and their owners. Millions of dogs are surrendered to animal shelters each year - approximately 96% of these dogs never received any formal obedience training. I encounter smart dogs with great personalities all the time at shelters. With a little direction and some positive reward-based training, they quickly learn the behaviors I want.

Many people try to resolve the issues they are having with their dogs before giving up but they just don’t discover the right solution in time. I started providing in-home dog training services because I realized I could help more dogs if I could reach them before they reached the shelter doors. I work with all dogs and puppies; not just those adopted from shelters. A portion of my proceeds are donated to animal welfare organizations to help give ‘second chances’ to shelter dogs.

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Education and Experience

My education includes graduating summa cum laude from Ramapo College with a Bachelor of Science degree and graduating from the Animal Behavior program at Mercy College with a 4.0 grade point average. Mercy College offered the only professional dog trainer program in the United States affiliated with an accredited four-year college. It was an intensive program involving rigorous, college-level courses instructed by a variety of academically credentialed professionals, including Mercy College faculty, professional obedience trainers, veterinarians, animal psychologists, police K-9 officers and licensed veterinary technicians.

In order to bring the best possible solutions to my clients, I continue to regularly attend seminars, conferences and workshops by the most respected dog behavior experts across the country. My studies include dog training, dog behavior, and the medical conditions that can affect behavior. I use this expertise to customize my training to meet the individual needs of my students (dogs, adults, children, and people with disabilities) and to devise solutions that work for the real-life challenges people face with their dogs.

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